Belize Real Estate-House lot for sale in Belize City!! No.1349

Pric:$50,000USD ($100,000BZD) Cancel! Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!

Belize Property Agents is pleased to present for sale this nice house lot of Belize Real Estate in Belize City.

This property is located South of the Western Highway, near mile 3, Belize City.

There is accces to water and power to the property.

This area within the city is developing very quickly since the properties here are still priced very reasonable.

This fantstic parcel of Belize Real Estate in Belize City is a great deal right now at only $50,000USD ($100,000BZD)

Listing Price: $50,000USD ($100,000BZD)
Location/Address: Belize City
City/Town/Village Belize
District: Belize District
Reference Number: 1349
Property Size: 386.334 S.Y
Bedrooms: N/A
Bathrooms: N/A

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