Here’s Four Reasons Tourism Continues to Increase in Belize!

Belize is famous for it's relaxing and alluring jungle sunsets


Article Preview By David Gobeil

Belize tourism is up almost ten per cent in 2012, despite a very soft world economy and many people tightening their belts in the good ‘ol US of A, which accounts for the majority of tourists to Belize. Part of the reason is the Belize Tourism Board finally getting it’s act together and promoting Belize at key tourism trade shows in North America and Europe, and as Belize becomes better known as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” more people want to come and check out the Jewel.  There are literally hundreds of things to do in this little country, from scuba diving the famous Blue Hole to zip lining through the jungle canopies, to spelunking through mysterious caves.  Here are four slightly more “sedentary” ways you can spend our vacation in Belize, if you’re not so much of an adrenaline junkie.  Click on the link below for the entire article.

Four Great Ways to Relax in the Jewel:

Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America. It is a country filled with natural beauty, miles of white sandy beaches, and mystique ancient Mayan culture and owns the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Did you know that it only takes one hour 32 minutes to fly from Miami to Belize City? While it takes two hours and 11 minutes from Miami to New York City.

The Belizean refer to their country, as “JEWEL” and they are proud of their diverse heritage. You can see Caribbean, European, Asian, Mayan, Latin and African cultures all over this 8,867 square miles country (which is smaller than Massachusetts).

Winter in North America means dry season in Belize. It’s the best time to visit from December to March when the rainy season is over and humidity is lower. Belize’s subtropical temperatures average between 75-85 degrees.

If you are planning on taking a break from the cold this winter, think no further. Belize may be just the right place to spend your time with your family away from the snow and cold days of winter.

Here are 4 ways you can find your piece of paradise in Belize this winter:

The Sea
The many colors of the underwater world of Belize are paradise to divers and snorkelers. Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world, after the Australian Great Barrier Reef. This 185 mile long natural wonder has over 70 varieties of hard coral and 500 species of fish and still counting.

The Blue Hole is a Belizean icon, with a depth of 410 feet and 1,000 feet in circumference. It is here that you may find the whale shark.

Take your adventure to the next level snorkeling and scuba diving in the deep blue sea of Belize. For some, it may just be a time of relaxation, sun-bathing at the sandy beaches with a bottle of Belikin beer. The best beaches are found at the Placencia area and Ambergris Caye.

The History
The biggest concentration of Mayan archaeological sites is found in Belize. Many of the ancient cities were found and archaeologists are still actively digging today.

According to The Lodge at Chaa Creek, the Mayan are referred as the ancient Greeks of the Americas. They had incredible knowledge of astronomy, planetary cycles and mathematical calculations. December 21, 2012 makes the winter solstice and it is the completion of the great cycle of the 13th B’ak’tun, a period of almost 52,000 years and new age will unfold after that day.

2012 is celebrated in a big way in Belize and you may get to participate in visiting Mayan sites, attend workshops or unique tours about the Mayan culture, history and beliefs.