Ten Nice Photos of Belize on Twitter Last Week

Beautiful Belize sunset

Preview by David Gobeil

Here’s a very nice selection of photos from the past week that appeared on Instagram, compiled by Lorenzo Gonzales, an expat Belizean living in Toronto.  Some of the photos are done with High Dynamic Range (hdr) to achieve the over-saturated look, while some others have effects added in camera by Instagram and other similar services. A very nice selection of photos! cocoa-pod-chocolate hummingbirdhighway-belize

Belizean-Beach-Home SunsetSailing-Belize beach-chairs-belize belizean-grocery-store Belize-River-Valley belize-urban-landscape belize-mayasite-cahalpech



You can visit the original article and get more information such as the pictures authors here:

Belizestagram! The best photos of the week!