Belize Real Estate- 11 acres on the Coastal Highway for sale!! No.1433

Price: $110,000BZD!! ($55,000USD!!) SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

This property is located on the Coastal Highway just minutes from the Hummingbird Highway and the coastal town of Dangriga. Five acres are planted with bearing mangoes, over 500 coconut trees and already producing lime. The topography of the land is very nice sloping slightly and flat.

It is a perfect property for a farm or homestead. The trees on the farm will deliver steady income once the coconut start bearing. The nearby Mary Sharp factory will gladly buy the mangoes. The limes are being sold in bulk at the moment for a good profit.

This land use to be raw bush, but the owner spared no expenses in making it a productive farm. All the major work was done- clearing and planting.

This property also has year round fresh water spring on it.

With easy access directly from the Coastal Highway, proximity from major town- Dangriga, Hopkins, Placencia, Belmopan, this is a very disable piece.

One of the big bonuses is access to electricity. There are many pieces in Belize that are just as beautiful¬† but don’t have this commodity right at their door. This property has it all.

It is very aggressively priced at only $110,000BZD!! ($55,000USD!!) SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Listing Price: $110.000BZD
Location/Address: Coastal Road
District: Stann Creek
Reference Number: 1433
Property Size: 11 acres
Bedrooms: N/A
Bathrooms: N/A