Mexico Will Finish New Bridge at Northern Belize/Mexico Border!

Article Preview By David Gobeil


Mexico Announces It Will Finish and Open New Bridge at Northern Border of Belize


A new bridge at the Belize/Mexico border has been in works for years and in the next couple of months, it is expected to finally open. Work began on the bridge in 2007, and while Mexico finished the construction on that side of the border in 2009, Belize has not been able to uphold its end of the bargain. But according to Mexico’s Enfoque Radio, the Quintana Roo Ministry of Communications and Transport has decided to pick up the slack and will invest four million dollars to complete the infrastructure at the border. It has not been reported in Belize, but according to the radio reports, at the seventh meeting of the Mexico-Belize Bi-national Commission held at the end of August, the Mexican government agreed to build the access road to the new crossing and the border perimeter fence as well as to put proper lighting in the area. It will also be providing all labor and materials. Work is expected to begin this week and Mexican officials say the bridge should be opened at the end of November. The project was started under the presidency of Felipe Calderon and the Mexicans want its conclusion before he leaves office.