Three Reasons Belize is Perfect For Family Fun!

Family takes break from Belize real estate shopping to hike Billy Barquedier Park

Family Enjoys Hike in Billy Barquedier Park on Hummingbird Highway

Article Preview and Photo By David Gobeil

Belize, formally British Honduras, initially began attracting tourists by branding itself as an “adventure destination” where adrenaline junkies could visit unspoiled rainforests and caves, explore rarely visited Mayan ruins, and dive the second longest barrier reef in the world.

But as the tourist infrastructure grows in this small, developing nation, more and more families are beginning to appreciate the incredible sights and sounds Belize offers for visitors of all ages.  Belize still attracts it’s fair share of “adventure travelers” but I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in the number of families with children from new-born age and up traversing the country.  Tourists now have options for many family friendly resorts and attractions such as Cave’s Branch along the beautiful Hummingbird Highway (I dropped in for a visit last month and was shocked at the number of children joining their parents on some rather challenging adventures), Jaguar Reef and Hamanasi along the coast, and countless “jungle resorts” in the Cayo District in the far west of the country.

In this article Mara Vorhees, a writer for Lonely Planet travel guides writes about three great reasons Belize is now an ideal destination for families.

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Belize, Central America

Children can see the endangered black howler monkey at Belize’s Community Baboon Sanctuary. (Tom Boyden/LPI)

Belize has many of the key ingredients needed for a quality family holiday: it is affordable compared to other Caribbean destinations, and it is safe compared to other Central American destinations. But the best reasons for families to visit Belize are the same as for everybody else: wildlife encounters, action and adventure, and plenty of fun in the sun.

Animal encounters
The vast network of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Belize provides a safe haven for wildlife that delights animal-lovers of all ages. However, animals and birds are elusive, and children do not usually have the patience or endurance to find them — unless you know exactly where to look.

The Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) is a grassroots conservation operation that occupies about 20 square miles, spread over several Creole villages in the Belize River Valley. It is all private property, but the landowners have pledged to preserve the habitat of the endangered black howler monkey (which Belizeans call “baboons”). The result has been an impressive increase in the primate’s local population, which now roam freely around the surrounding area. From the CBS visitor centre in Bermudian Landing, local village guides lead short nature walks that provide an up-close introduction to a resident troop of black howlers. The monkeys are wild, but they are accustomed to visitors, and more importantly, the guides know where they hang out, so kids can see the monkeys howling it up in their natural habitat.

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