Belize Real Estate-Unbelievable 500 Acres Near Five Blues!!! No. 1019

Price: $700,000 U.S. !!!!   No. 1019 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
This amazing  parcel of Belize real estate is located several miles back from the village of St. Margarets off of the Hummingbird Highway to ensure your privacy.

There are a few creeks passing through the property and two major ones….Indian Creek and Dry Creek.

There are approximately  85 acres of overgrown citrus on this Belize land which could be brought back to income producing land with a little work, acres of cacao, acres of lime and about 250 acres of raw bush.

This soil is top quality suitable for growing any type of permaculture.

This magnificent large parcel of Belize real estate is available now for only $700,000 U.S.!!! SOLD SOLD SOLD

Listing Price: $700,000USD
Location/Address: Five Blues Lake Forest Reserve
City/Town/Village Belmopan
District: Cayo
Reference Number: 1019
Property Size: 500 acres
Bedrooms: N/A
Bathrooms: N/A

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