What Do You Mean There’s NO MCDONALDS in Belize???

Preview By David Gobel

I often find it very entertaining when trying to describe Belize to folks who’ve never been here before, especially when I get to the part about food.  Since Belize is such a multicultural nation with several distinct ethnic groups including Maya, Mestiso, Creole, Garifuna, Asian, and Latin Hispanic, there really isn’t one single dish that I would call “Belize’s National Food”.  Instead, there are some stapes such as rice and beans (or my personal favorite, stew beans and rice) which are prepared differently by each ethnic group, and then slightly different again from one family to the next, with each families “secret recipe” passed from generation to generation.  I can honestly say I’ve not had two similar tasting rice and beans dishes when prepared by different families.   Of course there are some very well known dishes in each ethnic group too, such as Hudut by the Garifuna, Chimole (black soup) by the Latin Hispanics, and conch soup by the creoles.  Here is a quick and informative guide on what to expect for your culinary enjoyment when visiting Belize.

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Conch is a seasonal delicacy

When in Belize, eating like a local has many advantages: it’s a great way to learn about the food, immerse yourself in the culture, and interact and mingle with Belizeans.

Here’s a quick informational guide on the local food scene to prepare you on how to eat like a local in Belize.


Fast-Food Chains are a No, No


I’m sorry for anyone who visits Belize and is addicted to McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Pizza Hut! American fast-food chains don’t exist here.

When Belizeans want a fast-food fix, they head to hole-in-the-wall places and order things such as panades, salbutes, garnaches and tacos. These take-out items are cheap, filling and delicious – make sure you try them out.


Waiting for your food shouldn’t disappoint


If you’re planning on trying a local restaurant, make sure to go before time since food orders usually take long to come out. Restaurants in Belize are not used to large crowds of people thus pre-cooking is never necessary and your meal is generally prepared from scratch.

So go to dinner early, drink a few beers and do some people watching as you wait for your delicious FRESH meal.

Read the original article at it’s source here:  How to eat like a local in Belize.