Caracol, Cave’s Branch Outpost and Sea Trekking Belize — A Review

Article Preview By David Gobeil Freelance writer Cindy Ross recently paid a visit to Belize to check what all the fuss regarding the "Mayan end of the world" is all about. During her time in Belize she visited the remote, ancient Mayan pyramids of Caracol in the Cayo District, went cave-tubing on the Cave's Branch River at the Cave's Branch Outpost, and "sea trekked" beneath the waves with a big fiberglass he3lmet covering her head. Ross interest in Belize was piqued when she read that the … [Read more...]

Vancouver Sun Says Belize “Perfect for Honeymooners and Couples”

Article Preview By David Gobeil Belize was recently showcased in one of the most widely read publications in Western Canada-- The Vancouver Sun. The author was specifically looking for a destination where she and her husband could escape to for a "romantic getaway" with lots of pampering and relaxation. Although she says she was aware of Belize's famous reputation as an "adventure destination" with world class diving, jungle trekking and ancient Mayan ruins, she was surprised to … [Read more...]

The Grandest Celebration of the Year is About to Begin in Dangriga!

©Article and Photos By David Gobeil Garifuna Settlement Day is a national holiday celebrating the arrival of some of the first settlers to the country of Belize in around 1802. Settlement Day, as it's known locally here in Dangriga, is by far the biggest celebration of the year for Belizeans living in this area, outpacing all other holidays in popularity including even Christmas.  The population of about 10,000 residents in Dangriga swells to at least DOUBLE during the weekend of the 19th … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Belize is Perfect For Family Fun!

Article Preview and Photo By David Gobeil Belize, formally British Honduras, initially began attracting tourists by branding itself as an "adventure destination" where adrenaline junkies could visit unspoiled rainforests and caves, explore rarely visited Mayan ruins, and dive the second longest barrier reef in the world. But as the tourist infrastructure grows in this small, developing nation, more and more families are beginning to appreciate the incredible sights and sounds Belize offers … [Read more...]

The Mystery at Five Blues Lake Returns!

©Article By David Gobeil About six years ago there was a very strange, almost eerie occurrence at Five Blues Lake, a well-known tourist attraction near St. Margaret's Village at Mile 32 on the Hummingbird Highway in Southern Belize. The mystery began on July 20, 2006, when local fishermen reported a noise that sounded like "the lake was crying". The fishermen reported seeing "a huge whirlpool" in the lake, and watched in amazement as the water level began dropping. The water level continued … [Read more...]

UNM Researcher on Climate Change and Fall of The Mayan Civilization featured in Science Magazine

Article Preview By David Gobeil The Mayan civilization grew to be one of the most culturally and scientifically advanced peoples of their time period. Then, inexplicably over a fairly short period of time the Mayan civilization, in all greatness and advancements, totally disintegrated.  There have been numerous theories on how the Mayan civilization seemed collapse so quickly, including disease, invasions from other peoples and famine due to extended droughts.  Well, it appears the thesis … [Read more...]

BTB Jumps on Social Media Band Wagon – Has Successful Live Twitter Chat!

Article Preview By David Gobeil The Belize Tourism Board has taken a very successful page out of United States President Obama's hugely effective campaign use of social media with their first "Twitter Live Chat".  Many election pundits applaud the Obama campaign's wide usage of social media as one of the key facets of his current lead in the polls. Well, if the BTB's recent "Twitter Live Chat" is any indication, then social media is definitely something all savvy businesses should be … [Read more...]

New Belize City to Cancun Route Announced by Tropic Air!

Article and Photo By David Gobeil It appears travelers to Belize will once again have an option to fly from Cancun, Mexico, to Belize City after Tropic Air announced yesterday  it's new international service slated to start November 12th. Cancun has emerged as a very popular transit point for visitors to Belize since international flights to Cancun are usually less than half the cost of airfares to Belize.  Once in Cancun most travelers currently board an overnight direct bus to Belize … [Read more...]

American Airlines Inflight Magazine Visits Belize!

Article Preview and Photo By David Gobeil The excellent media coverage and increasing world-wide exposure for Belize just keeps rolling along. Belize was recently featured in The New York Times Travel Section, National Geographic Magazine, and now will be featured in Nexos Magazine, the inflight magazine for American Airlines.  American Airlines is one of three U.S. based airlines with regularly scheduled flights to Belize from cities in the U.S.  The magazine is targeted towards more … [Read more...]

Belize Tourism Is Up Ten Per Cent Over Last Year!

Article Preview and Photo By David Gobeil I'm not sure if it's due to the Belize Tourism Board's new leadership and resulting new polices, or it's because the economy in the U.S. has improved somewhat this year but tourism is WAY up over last years numbers.  There was a shake-up at the top of the BTB last year with new leadership taking over the helm of Belize's most important income generating industry... the tourism industry.  The new board hired a new marketing company which has embraced … [Read more...]