Belize Tourism Is Up Ten Per Cent Over Last Year!

Article Preview and Photo By David Gobeil I'm not sure if it's due to the Belize Tourism Board's new leadership and resulting new polices, or it's because the economy in the U.S. has improved somewhat this year but tourism is WAY up over last years numbers.  There was a shake-up at the top of the BTB last year with new leadership taking over the helm of Belize's most important income generating industry... the tourism industry.  The new board hired a new marketing company which has embraced … [Read more...]

Stann Creek District Featured in New York Times Travel Story!

Article Preview and Photo By David Gobeil The Stann Creek District, namely Hopkins and the surrounding area were recently featured in the New York Times travel section.  The author visited some of the local famous attractions such as the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve and also stayed at a few higher end hotels in Hopkins.  Once again Belize is being featured in top-rank publications and the country's exposure continues to grow! Click on this link for the entire article By Claudia … [Read more...]

Belize Named One of Top Three “Ex-Pat Friendly” Countries

Article Preview By David Gobeil After living in Belize for seven years, I'm well versed with the different programs the Belize government has in place to help woo foreign retirees to it's shores.  Perhaps the most talked about is the Qualified Retirement Persons Program, which the government enacted about a decade ago.  As the article points out, there are some pros and cons for ex-pats to go this route.  Also, I think the government of Belize would be wise to take a closer look at what … [Read more...]

Six Adventures You Should Try While Visiting Belize!

Photo By David Gobeil Belize is famous among outdoor adventurers because of the countless activities available throughout the country.  This article describes six adventures which are definitely worth checking out while in Belize.   Click on this link to read the whole article     From exotic animals to mysterious Mayan ruins; don't miss these six stops on a trip to this underestimated Central American country 1. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary Crooked Tree is … [Read more...]

Belize’s Massive Foreign Debt — Who’s to Blame?

Article Preview By David Gobeil I always make a point of trying to find and read Wellington C. Ramos editorials since he seems to me to be one of the very few highly educated, yet relatively unbiased Belizeans willing to give meaningful commentary on the current, past, and future state of affairs in Belize. With Belize teetering on the edge of default with their massive $600 million U.S.D. "superbond", Ramos weighs in with his educated opinions. Once again he makes some very interesting … [Read more...]

Celebrate the End of the World — Mayan Style — With Big Travel Discounts From!

Travel re-seller, owned by Microsoft is getting into the "end of world" act with large discounts to many countries famous for their Mayan histories.  According to the ancient Mayan Calender, the end of the world is forecast this year, since the calender has reached it's "end".  Many hotels and travel companies are trying to capitalize on this "celebration" by offering special "end of the world" packages for travelers who wish to be near an ancient Mayan Temple when the clock strikes … [Read more...]

Here’s Four Reasons Tourism Continues to Increase in Belize!

  Article Preview By David Gobeil Belize tourism is up almost ten per cent in 2012, despite a very soft world economy and many people tightening their belts in the good 'ol US of A, which accounts for the majority of tourists to Belize. Part of the reason is the Belize Tourism Board finally getting it's act together and promoting Belize at key tourism trade shows in North America and Europe, and as Belize becomes better known as "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret" more people want to … [Read more...]

That Snapper Dinner You Ordered Might Not Be Snapper!

Article Preview By David Gobeil   Researchers Discover Fish "Mislabeled" 50 Per Cent of the Time in Belize I've often wondered if the Red Snapper dinner I was eating at various Belizean restaurants was really Red Snapper.  Being a seafood connoisseur, I've learned to differentiate the subtle flavor differences between a fillet of Snapper, and say, a fillet of Grouper (which I find to be equally delicious). Sure enough, my suspicions have been confirmed with the publishing of a … [Read more...]

Mexico Will Finish New Bridge at Northern Belize/Mexico Border!

Article Preview By David Gobeil   Mexico Announces It Will Finish and Open New Bridge at Northern Border of Belize   A new bridge at the Belize/Mexico border has been in works for years and in the next couple of months, it is expected to finally open. Work began on the bridge in 2007, and while Mexico finished the construction on that side of the border in 2009, Belize has not been able to uphold its end of the bargain. But according to Mexico’s Enfoque Radio, the Quintana … [Read more...]

Independence Day in Belize is also a Celebration of True Multiculturalism!

Belize Celebrates it's 31st Birthday and Celebrates it's Multiculturalism Belize’s 31st birthday is not only a celebration of this tiny Caribbean nation’s independence, but a festival of multiculturalism and living proof that racial, religious and cultural harmony does work, the owners of the Lodge at Chaa Creek said today. In the run up to the nationwide celebrations about to take place in Belize under the theme of “Many faces, many dreams, but one goal; celebrating Belize”, Mick and Lucy … [Read more...]